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Keep Your Business and Content Secure With Login3

What is Login3?

Login3 is a content protection system designed with the singular purpose to prevent the unauthorized use of your private data—on your terms. Login3 works by protecting an entire site directory or domain of your choice.

What makes Login3 so unique?

Login3 was developed by the same people who use it every day. ModThree LLC went through the tireless process of researching and using competing products, identified all of the issues and missing features, and started from scratch to streamline content protection in a modern, sleek, and efficient way.

How does Login3 interface with users?

Your users will enjoy an efficient and straight-forward login experience complete with two-factor authentication and informative messaging.

What does Login3 look like for webmasters?

For webmasters and customer support representatives, Login3 provides access to detailed and verbose analytics and information about the way your users login and access your protected content. You'll also have the tools and control to prevent the unauthorized use of your content.

Can Login3 defend my site against attacks?

Login3 implements modern tactics to defend against malicious attacks including brute-force detection, password cracking, account and password sharing, and more.

Can Login3 improve my bottom line?

One of our goals when building Login3 was to reduce the stress and overhead of your customer support team, your hosting environment, and you. In striving to accomplish this goal, we've found that Login3 reduced unnecessary costs and frustrations associated with protecting important and sensitive content.

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What makes Login3 a better experience?

Enhancing Control

In mere moments you can identify the critical information you need to make important decisions. By gathering key analytical data, and presenting it in an easily consumable way, webmasters and customer support representatives can quickly and efficiently explore how their content is being protected, identify malicious actors, and solve customer support problems.

Improving User Experience

Login3 focuses on ensuring that the login process prioritizes the user experience. We've found that better user experience results in better business and less hassle when it comes to handling customer support and user complaints. Improving the front-facing login experience eliminates the common and frustrating pitfalls that lead to unhappy users.

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Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security between the user and your content. In our experience, this almost completely eliminates password sharing and misrepresentation by malicious attackers. Login3 implements 2FA in a simple and straight-forward manner designed to be easy to understand for even the most technophobic users.

If a user leaks their account information, or they become compromised, you have peace of mind that your content remains protected and that your content will remain uncompromised.

Brute-Force Defense

Protecting against brute-force attacks is paramount to the safeguarding of private content. Login3 efficiently prevents brute-force compromisation without expending unnecessary resources.

Streamlining Implementation

Setup is quick, easy, and efficient. Whether you decide to take advantage of our free installation, or you want to install it yourself, you can be up-and-running in no time! Login3 comes packed with support for a variety of platforms and protocols making it simple to integrate with your existing content management or billing system. Furthermore, Login3 is actively being developed, which means timely updates and new features.

Bring your own design. Login3 is extensible and can be made to integrate your existing design. If you need more advanced integration, our development team is capable of interfacing with your team to design and develop your custom implementation.

Custom Integration

We're committed to meeting your needs and many of our clients have requested and successfully implemented custom integrations. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Product and Version Comparison and Pricing

Feature Login3 Base
Login3 Plus
Medium Traffic
Login3 Premium
Full Package
Monthly Fee5 $49.99
Choose Base
Choose Plus
Choose Premium
Install Locally
Control Your Data
Apache Server Support
Nginx Server Support
Unlimited Sites1
Two-Factor Authentication
Interactive Dashboard
Analytics, Stats, and Search
High 2FA Deliverability2 ×
2FA Advanced Management × ×
Priority Support3 × ×
Free Installation4

1 Unlimited sites per user database. WordPress integration is included with a plugin.
2 Plus and Premium accounts are allocated up to 25,000 emails per month.
3 Priority Support does not include development or feature requests.*
4 Free installation on up to one server. Self-install support is billed as development.*
5 Software As A Service License conditional upon continuing subscription.
Supported as a beta feature. Additional integration may be required.
* Development costs are billed at $149.00 USD per hour.